Shiver Ye Timbers at Redwood Bar and Grill

Ahoy Me Hearties. Yarr, The winter weather be mighty dripping watery wet.  It be stormin’ enough to wash away lily livered landlubbers if ye follow me drift.  Aye it’s watery wet enough to wash ‘em straight away to Davy Jones Locker.  Yarr!  It’s enough to make a wily wench raise a tankard of grog and giggle at ye, sprightly sprogs.  Yo Ho Ho!  Yo Ho Ho and bottle and of rum in fact mateys.  For though there’s enough water in the streets to make y’ landlubbers think yer on the seven seas, ye are in fact inhabitin’ the port of angels. That’s right mateys yer in port, and ye know that means.  Ye don’t?  Avast!  Well then, there’s a waterin’ hole ye’ll be wantin’ to know about. A waterin’ hole where ye won’t be partin’ with too many of yer hard earned doubloons.  For legend has it than on the Isle of Downtown there’s a Pirate’s lair fit for even the most polished of privateers.  A lair called the Redwood Bar and Grill.

The Redwood Bar and Grill is a Pirate bar in downtown Los Angeles located at 316 W 2nd St.  Walking in is like walking into the dark hold of a pirate ship. Where is Errol Flynn when you need him?  Hemp ropes wrap around posts, nets hang from the walls, and barrels are placed so that you can set your compass and get into the mood of this well worn establishment.  Take a look above the bar and you’ll see a skull and crossed cutlasses.  Don’t be frightened… lighten up!  These fine frills hint at the fun you are about to have.

Take a seat or slink up to the bar.  Luckily for you The Redwood bar and grill is loaded with booty for the belly.  No one’s choking down hard tack here. The menu at the Redwood is an extremely well put together selection of pub grub. Choose from really good appetizers, burgers (half a pound served on a brioche bun; yum), sandwiches, fresh salads, nachos, tacos and other miscellaneous pirate fare.  Portions are hearty yarr.  If your appetite is on the light side, check out their rationed portions (and prices) and decent vegetarian options like their veggie burger or vegetable empanadas.

All good pirates wash down their grub with a little grog so why should you be any different?  The Redwood bar and grill has a full bar and a great list of rum cocktails that are as fun to say as they are to consume. Try a Monkey Fist for example, a Sailors Delight or the Davy Jones Locker.  Redwood also serves bottled and draft beers.  See the bartender or server for their current offerings.

Redwood also has a great line up of live music so check out the calendar on their website and make merry mateys.  Just don’t get to rowdy, else you be walkin’ the plank.


Whar? (yarr) The Redwood Bar and Grill

Where ye scurvy dog?  316 W 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012.                  (213) 680-2600.

When me beauty? Mon – Sun: 11am – 2 am.

Happy Hour! Mon – Fri: 4pm – 7pm

Doubloons: Food $5 – $14, Cocktails $10 – $13.  Beer prices vary but are reasonable.

Down the Hatch!