Imbibing Neighborly Atmosphere at 1642

It’s Midnight on a Saturday. The street is quiet, almost deserted.  You pull your car up to the curb and park easily, a task that lately seems like a novelty in Westlake.  Adrenaline pumps through your veins as you look up and down the street pausing.  Suddenly you make a break for it and run, crossing the street.  Your destination is almost within reach. Quickly, gratefully, you arrive.  Slipping through the front door feels like stepping back in time and you relax. You are finally able to relax as you are pulled in to the welcoming embrace of a cozy neighborhood bar called 1642.

1642 opened in March of 2010 on Temple Street where Westlake buts up against Downtown Los Angeles.  Though small in size, 1642 is heavy on the qualities that make a neighborhood bar; well neighborly. It is quiet enough to talk to the person on the bar stool next to you, and they’re nice. The bartender owns and loves the joint, and there isn’t a bouncer at the door sizing up whether or not you fit in.  1642 is like sticking your hand in your favorite jeans and coming up with a Benjamin, it’s a magic pocket. This one room bar with dark wood furniture, dim golden light and an exposed brick wall is warm and elegant. It’s inviting there’s no scene.  Serving a combination of bottled and local beers on tap, wines by the glass, 1642 also has an interesting combination of sodas and non-alcoholic fare for the designated driver in your group so everyone can have a good time.  Everything’s been covered including occasional live music.  Prices are reasonable, sodas will set you back $2. Beer and Wines run from $4 to $10, with a pretty little dish of peanuts and pretzels to top it all off.

So, in Summation:

Who:  You.

What: A Swank NOT Snotty little neighborhood bar.

Where: 1642 Temple St. (between Glendale Blvd and Belmont Ave), L.A.

When: Tuesday – Saturday 6:00PM – 2:00AM & Sunday 6:00PM – 12:00AM. Closed Mondays.

Why:  Because you my friend are no idiot…

Contact Info:  213-989-6836.