You’ll Find Spirits with Spirit in West Hollywood

Hello Buttercups… so the word on the street is that you are some smart cookies.  Well of course I knew that, but now the cat’s out of the bag for everyone else you follow?  Well of course you do, question is, will you follow me on a little mission?  What mission?  Well, your mission, should you choose to accept  it sweet petites, is to take a little hop off the Isle of Downtown, to an Isle known to those in the know, see, as WeHo.  So will you accept it?  You will?  Wonders never cease!  You’re getting braver by the day!  What is the purpose of this mission you ask?  Well now here’s the thing, if I tell you I have to….oh wait a minute…we don’t do that anymore, phew! I was worried there for a second.  Your mission is to sample the delights of two establishments close to the Laemmle 5 movie theater as they pertain to independent film in Los Angeles.  Then say that three times fast, or don’t, whatever.

So now then Buttercups Intel  below, are two places about which it would be good to know, whether you are film watching or no. These venues were chosen because of their proximity to the Sundance Sunset Cinema movie theater and a delicate equation consisting of; access to good wine and snacks, the sound volume of those around you in said establishments (for conversation purposes) and because the personalities of said establishments are; can you guess? Swank not snotty!  So now consider if you will:

Vintage Enoteca!

7554 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA, 90046. 323-512-5278. Mon – Fri, 12 noon – 12 am.  Sat – Sun 11am – 12 am.

Vintage Enoteca is a causal wine bar located about 10 blocks (1/2 mile) east of the Laemmle Sunset 5.  There’s parking in the back or take your chances on the street.  Once inside you’ll find an airy space with high ceilings and minimalist decor.  The lighting is low so it’s intimate but the tables are tall and good for large or small groups.

Goodies for your gut include an array of salads, small bites, pastas, bruschetta, flatbreads and artisan cheese and salami plates. All prices range from $7-$20.  The kitchen is adventurous but not too crazy.  So there’s something for everyone, sweet petites. Really all your choices here are lovingly made, thus ensuring everything goes down nice and easy.

Libations for your liver!  Choose from a wide selection of wines by the bottle or glass, as well as a good selection of imports and domestic craft beers.  Choose from Sparkling, White, Rose or Red, prices by the glass run from $9 – $14. If wines’ not your thing dears, look at the menu again and order a beer.  Vintage Enoteca has a substantial list of great craft brews from the ol’ US of A and several outstanding imports.  And a beer will set you back a paltry $6-$25.

For more info about Vintage Enoteca check out their website:

Hotel Chateau Marmont!

8221 Sunset Blvd, (at Havenhurst Drive) Los Angeles CA 90046. 323-656-1010. Open 7am- 2am 7 days a week

Especially nice when the weather’s not.  Also a delight when the sun shines bright!  Famous in its own right, know when you go, The Chateau Marmont is the blast from past.

Some people live here, so joyfully and politely trip up the cobblestones and through the doors.  Now ladies and gentlemen hold your breath and walk upstairs, arriving, in the lobby.  Do you feel like you’ve stepped back in time?  Do you half expect Marlene or Cary to give you a wink as they glide by?  Or are you sitting on the Chateau’s patio and enjoying the garden?  Either way it’s lovely and why incidentally the Chateau Marmont is a keeper.

Here you’ll enjoy sustenance where it’s comfortable and quiet and private.  The Chateau Marmont has none of the hanging from the chandeliers shenanigans you’ll find elsewhere on Sunset, so behave.  If you do you might be lucky enough to meet the handsome Pierre.  He will, if invited, sidle up to you sit in your lap, you’ll be forever grateful.

Make no mistake, the Chateau is pricey, but worth it.  Please note that the gratuity will be added to your bill.  It’s not a club.  The Chateau is romance and heavy with history.  So when you go, if you can’t go full bore for dinner; enjoy a glass of wine and a little bite or desert at the end of your evening or on a Sunday afternoon. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss. And don’t fear the Chateau is happy to have you, provided you don’t set anything on fire and you are kind to Pierre. The cuisine is continental and you’ll find appetizers hovering between $17 and $30, entrees are $17 to $46. Wines and cocktails vary widely in price. If you are dining, best get a reservation.

Cheers Darling!