Go on Now Press Your Luck, Merrily Not Warily at Casey’s Irish Pub

Psst, beloveds, over here.  Quit looking behind you, I’m talking to you.  Shhhhhh, I’ve got a secret…  Whoa now just slow down don’t knock me over!  I can’t tell you the secret if I’m dead now can I?  All right then.  So, did you know for instance that there is a very good Irish bar?  Yes of course there are good Irish bars in Ireland, but I’m talking about here, in Los Angeles!  Where you ask?  Well now that all depends, who’s asking?  Stop crying and play along will you?  No, that is not fair! I am not a banshee!  Are my eyes smiling now?  Are they?  All right then.  So…now that I’ve caught your attention, my sweets, there is a very nice little Irish Pub on the kind of gray and glassy Isle known as downtown Los Angeles. There is a pub known to those in the know, as Casey’s Irish Pub.

Casey’s Irish Pub is owned and operated by the 213 group and is located under an emerald green awning at 613 South Grand Avenue between 6th St  and Wilshire blvd.  You may take notice that Casey’s occupies the only single story building on the block.  Don’t let Casey’s height make a fool of you however, because there’s plenty to discover.  Start by looking down and over the railing.  Casey’s Irish Pub sits one level below the street.  Walk lightly down the stairs and onto their patio.  Then continue if you will inside and enter the pub proper.  When you do you’ll find a spacious well, space filled with dark wood booths, tables  and green and brick walls  so cozy, you’ll wish it was raining outside.  Explore further and uncover a backroom with a stage (for live music) and other cubbyhole rooms good for private parties or conversations.   Now turn yourself around and tread merrily up to the bar.

Casey’s Irish Pub has a good selection of Whiskeys from 3 solid Irish distilleries; Jameson, Bushmills and Cooley.  Peruse their menu, try if you dare; the Pickle back.  It’s a healthy shot of Whiskey with a pickle juice chaser.  The pickle juice is house made, and reminiscent of the bread and butter pickles maybe your ma used to make.  Another to try is the Dublin Ass, a sweet concoction consisting of Whiskey, ginger beer and lime juice over ice, in a nice copper cup.  There’s a lot to choose from at Casey’s including beer.  Casey’s Irish beers include Guinness Stout (how could they not?) Smithwicks Irish Red Ale (don’t mispronounce it) and a Killkinny Irish Cream Ale.  Casey’s Irish pub also serves Black and Tans, Shandys and other beer cocktails offering plenty of opportunities to sample a spot.

Now perhaps in part to keep you from getting really twisted and eating the head of your neighbor, and in part just because everyone needs to keep a wee bit of food in their belly Casey’s offers a fine selection of Irish staples to eat instead.  If your belly is cavernous try the Shepherd’s Pie; the Shepherd’s Boxty (potato pancakes stuffed with lamb, potatoes, carrots and herbs) or Corned Beef and Cabbage.  There are also Irish Pies.  You can get a regular pie or if you order off the appetizer menu, a wee one. Options are beef and Guinness stew, chicken or vegetable, all are served under a crisp puffed pastry crust.  There are also “non” Irish faves including steak, seafood, burgers, sandwiches and salads.  Casey’s Irish pub offers options varied and modern enough that even James Joyce might have decided to put down roots were he to have eaten here.

All right then…. soooo

Who?  Well you, Leprechauns, Selkies, Faeries, everyone really, even Banshees are welcome

Where:  What are you, an eejit?

What:  A cozy Irish pub, called Casey’s

Casey’s Irish Pub, 613 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles CA, 90017. http://www.caseysirishpub.com  213-629-2353

When:  Pay attention now

Mon, 11:30am – 11pm

Tues and Wed, 11:30am – 12am

Thurs and Fri, 11:30am – 2am

Sat, 2pm – 2am

Sun, 9:30am – 9pm

Kitchen is open until 10pm Mon – Wed and until 12 Midnight Thurs – Sat

Casey’s has Happy Hour drink specials

Mon, all night

Tues-Sat, 3pm-7pm

Irish Happy Hour!

Tues and Wed, 11pm – 12 Midnight


Sláinte! Éire go Brách