Life is Sew Sew Good at Pattern Bar

Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, has this catwalk called life got you down?  Daaaarlingssss, you can’t let that happen.  You can’t let them win.  Find a little levity, take a little break, remember your chin?  Keep it up.  Morosely little monsters do you think you are all alone?  Put the pieces together, says a merry little crone. Nay, woman.  So round the corner walk this way, follow the crook in my finger, perhaps on a Thursday. There’s a nifty little place with nifty little treats. A DJ spins some music, so while you sip you tap your feet.  Standing next to you is a man, let’s call him a bloke.  He’s witty and pretty, got some darn good jokes, that keep you in stitches. Are you following the thread?  For on the edge of district devoted to fashion sits a swanky little bar that’s well turned out. So in downtown LA, the pieces of your day fit can seamlessly into your night.  And this place beloveds, is called Pattern Bar.

Pattern bar is located at 100 West 9th street, where Spring and Main merge.  Walk in and unwind on a stool, a wooden sewing stool.  At Pattern Bar you’ll find a high ceilinged room, and a laid back vibe. The space is cozy yet airy, with dark wood, big picture windows and mirrors that keep the room open.   There are tall tables and columns with ledges for your drink, and a long low table good for groups, or sharing with strangers.

Bring your taste buds for tapas.  The menu has a lot to choose from.  Take note of the Serranos y Cabrales.  It’s plate of dry cured Serrano ham, Gironia salami, brie and port wine derby cheese, served with a selection of breads from Urth Café, that’s great for sharing.  If you want something all to yourself, choose from a great selection of paninis and salads.  From 12 to 4pm you can also order a gluten free Venezuela corn cake called an Arepa.  They are made to order and Pattern Bar serves versions to satisfy both the vegetarian and omnivore in any crowd.  Cheesecake rounds out their menu.  So whether you’re there for lunch or drinks your tummy is likely to find something it’ll like.

Pattern Bar is well, a bar, so take a look at their lovely drinks.  Grab a sangria, it goes down easy.  It’s yummy and loaded with fruit, just be careful it doesn’t load you.  A nice choice from their cocktail list is; The Jacobs.  It’s Jack Daniels Honey, muddled figs, agave, apricot liquor and ginger ale, served up, and not something you find every day.     If you are a straight shooter when it comes to libations, Pattern Bar has a small but great selection of beer and wine to choose from. And if booze isn’t your thing check out their selection of sodas and freshly squeezed juice and lemonade.

Prices are reasonable before, during, or after their “Fashionable hour” (5-7pm).  So whether you are downtown for Art Walk, lunch, or just because, Pattern Bar is good place to jam.


Who? You.

Where? Pattern Bar. 100 West 9th Street, Los Angeles CA 90015. 213-627-7774.

What? A bar…

When? Mon-Thurs, 12 noon- 10 pm, Fri-Sat, 12noon – 2am, Sunday 12noon – 8pm. Happy Hour daily 4-7pm, Brunch Sunday 12noon – 5pm.

Why? Respect

Prices? Food, $6-14, Drink, $6-14.