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Be Ye Naughty or Nice, Have thrice the Fun at Villains Tavern

You’re walking down a dark street on a hot night see?  It’s the part of town that is called the part of town. A car approaches and stops dead at the corner in front of you.  Taillights glow as the car door opens and a dame hops out. From her silhouette you can see she’s the kind of broad who knows a good saloon when she sees one. In the loft above, a curtain drops; a fella hides his mug from view. If you didn’t have bigger fish to fry, you’d go up and give him a piece of your mind see? But there’s fish to fry here, really big fish you follow?  So you slink around the corner and WHAM!  Right there square in front of your eyes is a bar, a glorious bar. And in the twinkling light the dame looks over her shoulder and smiles daring you to follow her into Villains Tavern.

Villains Tavern harks back to drinking establishments from the days of yore.  You half expect Bonnie and Clyde to sidle up the bar with a wink throw back a shot and toss you their Tommy.    Don’t fret, there’s no danger; because the joint is swank.   And the person winking at you is a talented barkeep who’s asking you to pick your poison.  And boy oh boy if you’re going to be poisoned the drinks at Villains Tavern are the way to go.

The main bar has a hearty beer list sorted by Blondes and Brunettes.   A rare find is a Framboise Lambic on tap.  There’s liquor too so if you add a shot you’d be well on your way, if you know what I mean. But the main attractions here are the specialty cocktails.  Try the Belladonna.  It’s a blend of Maker’s Mark, citrus, mint, and muddled blackberries over ice in a Mason jar, yum. Try the Russian Mule, a kicky blend of Russian Standard, mango, ginger and fresh lime. Try them all.

The crowd’s a dapper bunch, but Villains Tavern ain’t about rubber necking my friend.  Villains Tavern is about what’s good in life, right here, right now.  The mastermind behind Villains is one Dana Hollister.  You may know her as the woman behind other great outfits such as Cliff’s Edge, 4100, Bordello and The Brite Spot.  If you need to grab a bite, a breather or your inner voyeur needs to be let loose; hit the seating area above the main bar.  When you do, look out over the room below.  Notice the beautiful antique dark wood bar and mirror.  See that the big glass windows in front are lined with hundreds of brightly colored bottles. It’s a snappy apothecary and obvious a lot of care went into giving you the party-goer a pleasant place to pass the time.

Outside there are two patios. One has a bar with a fine selection of beers, liquor and live music every night on a small stage in the back.  The other side has table top shuffle board.  The players there are wicked sharp but it’s all in good fun see and if you beat them they might even buy you a drink.

The food’s simple but savory.  Burgers, sandwiches and snacks, so bad it’s good kind of eating. Keeps the fuzz at bay you follow? You know what I mean pal? I’m sure you and your empty stomach do, I’m sure you do.

The Sweet Low Down:

What: Villains Tavern, 213-613-0766,

Who: Dames and Gents

Where: 1356 Palmetto Ave Los Angeles, CA 90013 (Downtown Loft District)

When: Wednesday through Saturday 5:30PM-2:00AM.

Why: Can’t you read?


Beers and Shots  – $8 and above

Specialty Cocktails –  $13 – 16

Food – $7-22

Here’s Mud in Your Eye!

Be a Poet or Just Know it – Whiskey is Your Lover When You Sip at 7 Grand.

“Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite, and futhermore always carry a small snake.”

-W.C. Fields

Who doesn’t love whiskey? Really now beloveds, even saying the word is fun, like an illicit whisper, whissss-keeeee…shhhh. Well for those of you (and you know who you are – stop pretending) who love a good whiskey and know that good whiskeys are like good rainbows. They are elusive and can be hard to find, just like the pot of gold at the end of them. For you beloveds the faeries understand your plight and have weighed in. Go. Go now to the land known as Downtown. There you will find a lodge where the whiskey flows like water, with more choices than you can shake a stick at. If you need a muse or just need to be amused, get yourselves down my loves to 7 Grand.

7 Grand is a grand whiskey bar owned and operated by the 213 Ventures Group. You’ll find it at 515 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, near the corner of; you guessed it 7th and Grand. It’s like entering a Scottish Lord’s hunting lodge. A sentry stands guard at the gate and once you’ve been approved, you climb the stairs to the Castle’s keep. That’s where they keep the treasure; otherwise known as whiskey. On your way in notice the Scottish tartan carpet and hunting trophies and dark wood walls. It’s smart and cozy and tells you it’s not just the whiskey that’ll keep the fog at bay (depending on the fog that is).

Donner up to the bar and nicely ask the Barman for the menu. On it, you’ll find approximately 300+ Whiskeys, Ryes and Bourbons to choose from. They can be served straight or there is a delightful list of cocktails to choose from. If you are taking it easy there are also approximately 12 beers on tap.

If you don’t have the gift of gab the night of your visit, try your hand at pool. There are two or three tables available for your amusement. There is also an outdoor patio for those of you that partake of tobacco (perhaps the house cigar dipped in Maker’s Mark) and tolerate those who do. There’s also occasional live music, check their calendar for details. So, whether you take friends, or make friends, there’s good and plenty reason to sample 7 Grand.


What are you doing Lassie? Going to 7 Grand.

Why are you going’ my love? Because it’s neat.

Where is it Lad? 515 West 7th Street, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90014.  213-614-9737

Who will be there wee one? Whiskey lovers and the odd faerie or leprechaun.

When I go will I cross a banshee? Not sure about the banshee but the hours are as follows:

Monday- Wednesday 5PM – 2AM

Thursday- Friday 4PM-2AM

Saturday-Sunday 7PM-2AM

Prices vary greatly. Consult the menu and know there is something for every pocket book.


Be a Duke or a Duchess at The York

Look up into the night time sky beloveds.  Can you see stars sparkling like diamonds in the cold winter air?  It’s cold enough to be another place.  You walk and talk, watching your breath as you exhale.  You can see your laughter hanging in the cold night air, like magic.  You round the corner and suddenly; stop dead in your tracks.  You exhale one little puff of magic.  In front of you stands a wizened figure covered in a cloak beckoning to you with a boney hand.  Now normally beloveds you might run screaming from such a sight, and who would blame you really, but today for some strange reason you are brave (who knew?).   The figure, hard to say if it is man or woman, begins to tell you a tale…

Once upon a time, sweet petite, there lived a little girl who became a woman. The land where this girl was from was VERY far away and hilly and green.  And the people who lived in this land were known to be merry lovers of good food, good drink and good company.  Now this good girl, Ni hea, Woman, took it upon herself to travel far and wide and work to great renown.  But in so doing, she also took great care to hang onto her merry habits as they brought a wealth which walls could not contain. Eventually she travelled to a city on the shores of a great ocean.   A city reclaimed from a desert and made temperate.  Now the desert was cranky it had been reclaimed and tried almost every day to turn itself back.  And this made the citizens of the city very thirsty.  Thus sweet petite, they found themselves in need of a wide variety of libations.

What did they do you ask?  Well many things, one of which was to visit a rare wooded and hilly glen east of the land of Downtown.  There in a place known as Highland Park dwell many excellent establishments for quenching your thirst or hunger for that matter.  And in this place be ye a stork or a dork, all are welcome.  All are welcome in the gastro pub known as The York.

The York is located approximately 7 miles from downtown Los Angeles at 5018 York Blvd, near the corner of York and Ave 51 in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Inside the vibe is lively yet laid back, comfortably edgy.  The walls are exposed brick; the lighting is dim featuring old fashioned Edison bulbs suspended from the ceiling. The Bar sits smack in the center of the room.  One side has booths for straight up dining.  The other side is the bar proper and has tables for those who are lucky enough to chow down. Chalkboards hang along the wall that list both food and drink; you make your decision and then place your order with the friendly staff.

For drink try any of the micro-draft beers offered at the time of your visit. Or, imbibe one of the interesting and reliable imports such as Stella Artois. If you’d like something in a bottle, choose from either large or small.  Large bottles offerings include Chimay and Telegraph Porter among others.  Small bottle offerings include Red Stripe, Heineken, Kronenbourg and the like.  There is also a great selection of port, red, white and sparkling wines at The York.  Selection varies, but if they have it when you go try the Meritage by Les Ramieres.  It’s super fantastic my sweet petites.  The York’s bar also carries a great selection of liquors, cordials and the like.  The York serves up a mean Pim’s cup.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the food.  The York’s not called a gastro pub for nothin’.  Their cheddar burger is renowned.  The truffle grilled cheese sandwich is so good, some quirky type Whoa-man may be forced to fill her bath tub with them and eat her way out. Gruyere cheese and truffle oil on sourdough grilled and served with a side of arugula and tomato salad. Just sayin’, get that bath tub ready.  Fried chickpeas, check.  Cobbler, any cobbler, check.

And the crowd, sweet petites, the crowd.  The crowd at The York is a great mix of friendly people from late 20’s – 50’s.  All are welcome, with little to no attitude.  If you are the family type, the pub seems fairly kid friendly before 7pm. After that though, the music and crowd get too rambunctious for the wee ones.

So, here we go – yay!

Who: Oh come on…

What: The York

Where: 5018 York Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90042. 323-255-9675

When: Mon-Sun 3:00pm – 2:00am, Sunday brunch, 10:30am- 2:30pm or happy hour, Mon- Fri  3:00-7:00pm.

Why: Because it’s magic



Imbibing Neighborly Atmosphere at 1642

It’s Midnight on a Saturday. The street is quiet, almost deserted.  You pull your car up to the curb and park easily, a task that lately seems like a novelty in Westlake.  Adrenaline pumps through your veins as you look up and down the street pausing.  Suddenly you make a break for it and run, crossing the street.  Your destination is almost within reach. Quickly, gratefully, you arrive.  Slipping through the front door feels like stepping back in time and you relax. You are finally able to relax as you are pulled in to the welcoming embrace of a cozy neighborhood bar called 1642.

1642 opened in March of 2010 on Temple Street where Westlake buts up against Downtown Los Angeles.  Though small in size, 1642 is heavy on the qualities that make a neighborhood bar; well neighborly. It is quiet enough to talk to the person on the bar stool next to you, and they’re nice. The bartender owns and loves the joint, and there isn’t a bouncer at the door sizing up whether or not you fit in.  1642 is like sticking your hand in your favorite jeans and coming up with a Benjamin, it’s a magic pocket. This one room bar with dark wood furniture, dim golden light and an exposed brick wall is warm and elegant. It’s inviting there’s no scene.  Serving a combination of bottled and local beers on tap, wines by the glass, 1642 also has an interesting combination of sodas and non-alcoholic fare for the designated driver in your group so everyone can have a good time.  Everything’s been covered including occasional live music.  Prices are reasonable, sodas will set you back $2. Beer and Wines run from $4 to $10, with a pretty little dish of peanuts and pretzels to top it all off.

So, in Summation:

Who:  You.

What: A Swank NOT Snotty little neighborhood bar.

Where: 1642 Temple St. (between Glendale Blvd and Belmont Ave), L.A.

When: Tuesday – Saturday 6:00PM – 2:00AM & Sunday 6:00PM – 12:00AM. Closed Mondays.

Why:  Because you my friend are no idiot…

Contact Info:  213-989-6836.