So Much to Savor at Spring Street Bar

You remember don’t ya, the dog days of summer?  Remember summer break when it got too hot to think?  And your only relief came from running through the sprinkler, riding your bike or playing with your friends? Remember sneaking away, gulping down gallons of lemonade and eating a ‘sammich?  Ahh sammiches, better known these days as sandwiches.  These days, these grown up days of summer, are they slipping away right under your nose?  Are they slipping away while you could be sipping away?  Do you want to miss out?  If lemonade isn’t your cup of tea anymore, take a step back. Step back a whole season while you’re at it, to spring.  Savor a grownup summer at Downtown LA’s Spring Street Bar.

This friendly local’s frequented but public appreciated pub opened in April of 2010. Have you been looking for a good simple bar with a kicked back vibe where you can chill out and beat the heat?  Or are you pondering just how best to dip your toes in and test the waters of downtown Los Angeles?  If so, then Spring Street Bar might be just the ticket friend.  It’s owned by veterans Michael Leko and Will Shamlian (co-owners of another well known local watering hole, The Library). So it’s safe to trust you are in good hands.

When you get there, (and if you’re brainy, you will get there) you’ll find a simple friendly space with modern decor that is decidedly cozy.  It’s a warm mix of wood and concrete with communal tables that sit between the back wall and the bar.    Though there’s not a lot of square footage, but there are lots of windows and high ceilings so there’s not a feeling of claustrophobia.

There is also beer, lots of beer.  There are 26 great domestics on tap in fact.  Most are your steady Eddies but there’s 4-5 that roll in and out with the seasons.  A good reason to stop in as often as you can.  One good standard is a Firestone Hemp brown ale that’s smooth and nutty.  For something lighter there is the Telegraph white.  Or try the seasonal Craftsman Triple White Sage.  It’s fragrant and like sitting in a summer field while a breeze blows over your skin.  A shame really that it’s seasonal, so try it while you can.  But if you miss it, with 26 choices, it seems unlikely that you won’t find something else equally brilliant to quench your thirst.  If beer’s not your thing Spring Street has great list of wines to choose from.  It’s also a full bar; that means liquor friends.  And with a long list of non-alcoholic options it seems your bases here are pretty well covered.

So now let’s talk about the snacks, starting with sandwiches. There are several sandwich options including; The Pressman, Muffauletta or the Italiana. All sandwiches come with a small side of zingy potato salad.  If you like burrata try Spring Street’s french bread pizza with burrata, basil and parmesan.  There is a platter for sharing (or hoarding), chili and salad too.

The Scoopity Scoop:

What: Spring Street Bar

Where: 626-B S Spring St,., Los Angeles, CA 90014. 213-622-5829

When:  Mon-Fri, 5pm – 2am; Sat- Sun, 12pm – 2am


Beer: $5-8, Wine: $7-12, Non-alcoholic: $4

Food: Sandwiches – $11- 13, Big Snacks – $6-13, Small Snacks – $2-4

Happy Hour! Daily 3 – 7pm